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Scion of Aliaria by BlueOakRogue
Mature content
Scion of Aliaria :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 1 2
Sanguiness Voluptura by BlueOakRogue Sanguiness Voluptura :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 6 4 The Whispers Linger by BlueOakRogue The Whispers Linger :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 12 10 Paparazzi by BlueOakRogue Paparazzi :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 9 13 Elven Scout Bracer detail by BlueOakRogue Elven Scout Bracer detail :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 3 6 Elven Scout Bracers by BlueOakRogue Elven Scout Bracers :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 8 8 Ranger's Hook by BlueOakRogue Ranger's Hook :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 2 0 Copsewatch Druid Armor Detail: Right shoulder by BlueOakRogue Copsewatch Druid Armor Detail: Right shoulder :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 3 4 Copsewatch Druid Armor Detail: Left shoulder by BlueOakRogue Copsewatch Druid Armor Detail: Left shoulder :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 1 0 Mooncast Stalker Armor Detail: Front belt by BlueOakRogue Mooncast Stalker Armor Detail: Front belt :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 1 4 Mooncast Stalker Armor Detail: Right bracer by BlueOakRogue Mooncast Stalker Armor Detail: Right bracer :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 3 0 Mooncast Stalker Armor Detail: studded arm guard by BlueOakRogue Mooncast Stalker Armor Detail: studded arm guard :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 1 0 Mooncast Stalker by BlueOakRogue Mooncast Stalker :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 0 0 Mooncast Stalker Armour by BlueOakRogue Mooncast Stalker Armour :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 4 3 Forest Reaver by BlueOakRogue Forest Reaver :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 1 0 Forest Reaver Armour by BlueOakRogue Forest Reaver Armour :iconblueoakrogue:BlueOakRogue 2 2


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Scion of Aliaria
Acanthis Aliaria, Scion of the noble Altmer Kinship Aliaria, ambitious, ruthless, hot-blooded, puritanical, master political strategist, notorious for his potent virility both in matters of the Court, and in the bed chamber.

Character belongs to :iconvelvetormentress: from ESO.
Artwork belongs to me.
Critique not requested.
Photoshop digital painting.
Sanguiness Voluptura
The Sanguiness of the Eldritch Court, dressed in rubies and crimson raven feathers, black leather and velvet, and Aldmeri gold, makes her glorious entrance into the Springstorm Gala.
Character belongs to VelvetTormentress , my Elder Scrolls Online buddy, and is the fellow vampire ruler of the Court, along with my Vampire Lord: Anariin Bleaksea, Sanguinaire.

Dress design belongs to VelvetTormentress and me! Art is original to me.
Critique not requested.
Please zoom for details!!!! :D
The Whispers Linger
A [late!] Christmas present for my dear darling NorroenDyrd , featuring the conflicted, caring, and complicated Gereon Alexius, former Tevinter Magister, now (hc) finding himself torn between affection for the merciful Inquisitoress, and his dark ties to his country, Corypheus, and his dying son....

Also my first digital painting! (like actual painting, not sketchy comic.)

To Norroen:
Thank you for always being an amazing, creative, inspiring and fun friend! I hope you like this rendition of good ole Alexius (who we all know is the hidden anti hero of his chapter!) and that it adds to the pool of approval for this ssssship!! :B

Gereon Alexius is property of Bioware [and norroendyrd] 
Artwork belongs to me.
Critique not requested.
Painted in Photoshop

Follow me @ blueoakrogue on Etsy, Twitter, Instagram
and @bluerimerogue on Tumblr
My first digital painting to be uploaded to the world!! (I've started a ton of others, and haven't finished them yet. xP )
-"I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you loooove me!" 
A silly, hastily drawn comic starring :iconshoutfinder: 's smoulderingly delicious Tarveth Dren, my Nirai Zenammu, and Wolfheart's Nynaeve al-Mandragoran, in a fast fun run of Fungal Grotto, wherein Nirai/myself found it difficult to concentrate on anything else while that lean, mean killing machine called Tarveth was in the near vicinity. ;) 
He was a polite fellow, explaining that he was already engaged to one Ashlander, but that didn't seem to deter me- I mean, Nirai. *ahem* 

Since it's my first digital piece, I'm still learning the ropes in terms of pixel density and such! Please zoom for the silly faces!!! :D

Tarveth belongs to :iconshoutfinder:
Nirai belongs to me
Nynaeve belongs to Wolfheart

Original art made in Photoshop by me.
I was tagged by the wonderful :iconnorroendyrd: and this time I actually got around to doing it! :D 
1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Ullaris Lavellan

Ullaris by BlueOakRogue  Ullaris RP Iorveth by BlueOakRogue

1. Ullaris' looks are based off of the inimitable Iorveth, from Witcher 2: scarred face, sneer, and those delicious high cheek bones. Much of his personality quirks and traits are, in turn, based off an original creation of mine named Ularann, as well as his family members and some bits of backstory, all of which come from a fantasy world/tale I've been working on for some time. 
2. Ullaris is the second youngest of four Dalish children and a fraternal twin. His twin sister, Silrë, (also based off an original of mine), and he are the best of friends, and he spoils her quite rotten. He'll do anything for her, and it will take some woman to hold his heart to a loyalty like he owes his twin. 
3. He's a rogue and thief, and he'll tempt your fate. Heh, actually he's an assassin, and a good one. (And the only character I've played Dragon Age: Inquisition on Normal difficulty with, as opposed to Casual. I prefer games to be entertainment, not stress. Lol.) If you're unfortunate enough to cross paths and purposes with him, then he's likely to do more than tempt your fate, and would definitely be one that Sera classifies as "shifty knife dark". 
4. Money is good, but fame is better, and infamy tops all. Headcanonically, he's not Inquisitor, that honour, (or burden), being left to his eldest brother, Malitharin. So that, combined with younger brother syndrome, means everything is a competition. Why can't he become more famous, dangerous, powerful than his brother? And if Thedas doesn't have it in its heart to exalt another Dalish, then they can fear this one.
5. Humans are on the tippety top of his shit list. Ullaris has taken it upon himself to wreak collective vengeance for all the sins committed against his people by the shemlen-dominated world. He has a long way to go, and many obstacles to leap, and one of those is an increasingly maddening attraction to....
6. Josephine Montilyet! (An obstacle that will most likely be far too large and lovable to leap.) The lovely human ambassador with a silver tongue and a golden heart, and a mind open and loving to all, caught the lustful eye of the assassin almost immediately. Ullaris can be very charming and persuasive when he needs to, and what better opportunity to sabotage humans than through their precious ambassador? Love has a way of rearranging one's priorities, though, and he currently is undergoing the torment of realizing that his naughty plans are being foiled by a heart with a mind of its own and a pair of soft brown eyes and a winning smile. 
7. Ullaris had a unique and dangerous obsession with poisons. He slathers them over his daggers, drops them into unsuspecting drinks, and even ingests them in small doses for immunity building and for drug-like highs that make his blood boil and yearn for violence. In part inspired by Warhammer's Urian Poisonblade, the rest is based off of my Ularann, who suffers from an ancient curse that he accidentally awoke in the depths of an Elven forest. 
8. While seeming only disrespectful and cocky to those around him, Ullaris holds a deep respect for the mysterious Solas, one akin to awe. He can sense that the soft-spoken elven mage is teeming with secrets and knowledge, glad to share with an open-minded questioner, but the young elf finds it difficult to approach him. A subtle, intimidating pride. A great power that Ullaris feels but does not understand. Also, his twin is undeniably attracted to stoic elf mage, which makes conversation with her very protective brother....rather awkward. ;)

I tag: (And I am terribly sorry if this character has been tagged before!)
:iconchefugluk: Findalir
:iconnorroendyrd: Many-Scars
:iconvanya-ninque: Thalion
:iconkayly101: Crystal-La
:iconskyflower51: Helen Shepard
:iconskythe-soulblade: Annur
:iconwynnifredd: Telki
:icongangyzgirl: Vytalas Hlaalu

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